The Platteeuw Team add another 1st National victory to their trophy cabinet this year !!! ???
???1ST NATIONAL AURILLAC 3,586 birds with “CATOO”
Almost half an hour in front of four loft mates, all five being the quickest birds in the province.
Already a great Champion this year, ? Catoo ?won 1st Vierzon (31st National 11,574 birds), and last year 1st Chateauroux (9th Provincial 2,429 birds).
Kurt says “Sportively, this feels for me like the best I ever did … so far … Thank you Catoo!” ???
Here are the top 20 Provincial, and top 100 National results scored TODAY:-
1-2-3-5-6-7-11-12-13-14-15-19 etc Provincial 468 yearlings
1-21-24-38-65-68 National 3586 yearlings
1-2-4-12-13-17 etc Provincial 608 old birds
21-22-36-98-100 etc National 3888 old birds